2018 Provincial Election

It's an election year! Check this section regularly to see applicable updates and resources for the tourism industry.

2018 Election Messaging for Ontario's Tourism Industry

Revealed at the Tourism Issues Forum on Feb. 22, TIAO is proud to share messaging for Ontario’s tourism industry ahead of the 2018 Provincial Election. Including specific asks pertaining to strengthening tourism in Ontario, TIAO’s summary of recommendations surrounds three critical areas: People, Product and Promotion. 



The core of the tourism business centres on providing outstanding service and experiences to visitors, whether they come from near or far. To do this well, the tourism industry is focused on developing a qualified and skilled labour force. This means changing the perception that tourism is only a part-time, or seasonal job. It means encouraging young people—including Indigenous youth, new Canadians, and people transitioning between jobs—to consider a career in the tourism industry. It means filling high school, college and university tourism programs with Ontarians who want a career in our industry, creating outstanding experiences for visitors.


Visitors want authentic experiences. Both the tourism industry and Ontario’s Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport acknowledge the need to develop authentic, market-ready products and experiences that put visitors first. To support this, investment in infrastructure such as roadways, transportation and communication are vital, in addition to healthy businesses.


When making travel plans, tourists will either choose where they want to go, or what they want to do. Marketing strategically requires collaboration with appropriate partners, alignment with regional and national strategies, and long-term commitments. Ontario occupies a unique position within Canada as a gateway to the rest of the country—a position that needs to be harnessed.

Download TIAO's 2018 Election Messaging Download One-Pager


Send Tourism Industry Election Messaging to a Party Leader or Candidate

We encourage you to take a look at our sample letter for communicating tourism industry election messaging with party leaders and candidates. In the downloadable Word doc below, you'll find suggested content, including instructions and highlighted areas to customize such as your address, riding and profession.


Download Sample Letter


The links below reflect different options for contacting each major party and party leader. If you're looking for a specific riding candidate, use our candidate spreadsheet to identify the individual you want to contact. Can't find what you're looking for? Email info@tiaontario.ca or call 416-483-1691 and we'll see how we can help. Please note that we will update this table as additional paths of contact are discovered.

Ontario Liberal Party
(Leader: Kathleen Wynne)
Ontario PC Party
(Leader: Doug Ford)
Ontario NDP
(Leader: Andrea Horwath
Green Party of Ontario
(Leader: Mike Schreiner)
Trillium Party of Ontario
(Leader: Bob Yaciuk
OLP Website Ontario PC Website Ontario NDP Website Green Party of Ontario Website Trillium Party Website
OLP Email Contact Form Ontario PC Email Contact Form Andrea Horwath MPP Email Address Green Party Email Contact Form Trillium Party Email Contact Form
Kathleen Wynne MPP Email Address        
Office of the Premier        

Nominated Candidates and Ridings

We've put together a simple (but handy!) spreadsheet containing Ontario ridings and their nominated candidates. Download it here.

Election Platforms: What We Know So Far

View or download our slide deck outlining what we know thus far about each major Ontario political party's 2018 election platform. This document will be updated regularly as more details become available.